"Intimacy...can only occur when the heart is undefended."

To cut through our personal differences... means learning how to love and be loved without defenses and without obstructions. It means cultivating the capacity to be emotionally present even when we feel exposed or vulnerable, learning to relinquish the many strategies we have employed to feel safe and in control...

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Connecting with the person you love isn’t just about having a companion, or forming a close partnership. Most of us hope for a truly intimate relationship, where the connection between us is direct, unmediated, and heart-to-heart. This book offers a challenging new way for readers to reach just such a higher level inside themselves, where they can experience a relationship that is fresh and unrehearsed.

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It’s Hard But It’s Worth It

Undefended Love is a path that dares to suggest that most people live in the basement of themselves, not daring to seek the treasures in the sun-flooded rooms upstairs. It is their birthright to live upstairs, yet they remain in one little corner of the basement all their lives, decorating it with curtains and throw rugs. Intimate partners invite each other over to their basement apartments. In Undefended Love, the authors offer a challenging way for readers to climb the stairway to higher levels of themselves where they can have a relationship that is fresh, unrehearsed, loving, deeply intimate and full of light.

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An Undefended Approach to Midlife

Since the publication of Undefended Love we have been asked to create a course that would guide readers to rediscover their soulful individuality in a way that extends the lessons learned in Undefended Love. This new self-study course, unfolding over the past 10 years, does just that.

This time, we look at the struggles everyone is sure to encounter during their middle years as the solvent for readers to reach the spontaneous and authentic expression of their deepest selves.

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